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Halloween Love is first and foremost, a horror blog, but so much more.

I started Halloween Love back in 2009, purely as a personal blog. This was great for a while until I became more and more busy with work and other projects. Only in 2013, did I finally decide it was time to bring on other writers. To help with not only getting more steady content coming in for readers, but more diversified content as well. That, and perhaps I just needed someone to pway wiff ;).

On the same principle one has of writing about whatever they want, whenever they want, when running their own personal blog, I’ve kept that spirit alive now with a whole ragtag team of writers. There are no obligatory movie reviews, rumor mills, or other contrived articles to be found here. We all choose our own subjects, headlines, images, and write entirely in our own motherfucking voices, motherfucker!

Our primary goal is to have fun. If Halloween Love can begin generating revenue that pays us to have fun, what a wonderful bonus. But, it doesn’t matter if it never makes a cent, the content will keep on coming because we’re not writing for money, we’re writing for the enjoyment of it.

— Thank you, Black
Creator, Editor, and Crypt Keeper of Halloween Love

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I love horror, art, toys, comics, monsters and ANYTHING that came from the 1980s. Share our stuff and thank you for reading, we do it all for you!


I ♥ Halloween. I am the creator, editor, and keeper of Halloween Love. Although you'll find new creeps about helping me to maintain these macabre archives of dread.

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