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We get a lot of interest from those that want to promote their stuff on Halloween Love, and we have plenty of ways for you to do just that, all listed below. Depending on your budget (note that we have free options too), choose one, a few, or all of the available options to get your stuff promoted this Halloween season, or year-round.

Quick Stats

  • Up to 30k Unique Visitors a Month (highest during Halloween season)
  • 17k Facebook Likes
  • 8k Twitter Followers

Please Note: We do not accept requests for anything unethical or spammy, misleading to readers, and we strictly adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. We’ve created the options below, that follow a higher standard of quality that’s better for you and readers alike. Thank you.

Creator Corner


Creators Only — If you’re a creator (writer, director, artist, etc.), this new segment creates a way for you to speak with our readers, your potential new audience, directly.

Promo Forum


Simply drop a link to your site or product in the Promote forum.

Hosted Giveaways


We’ll host a giveaway or contest on behalf of your product, company, blog, service, etc., for up to one month here on HL. Giveaways are probably the best way to build excitement, engagement, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, etc. Fun for everyone and highly successful.

Sponsored Posts


We’re now experimenting with this offering. We’ll publish content on your behalf similar to a regular guest post, which will be indexed by Google, go out to social media, and notify email subscribers. Content must be relevant to Halloween, horror, and similar subjects that our readers might enjoy, and adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines. That means:

  1. Sponsorship will be clearly labeled. Do not ask that we disguise the post to appear as though it was written organically by someone on the team. This is misleading to readers.
  2. All links will be dofollow, but marked as sponsored. Do not ask that we place links without rel=”sponsored” in order to manipulate SEO. In accordance with Google.

Social Media Only


If you have a smaller budget, we can send your promotion out to just social media instead. Currently, this includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. We’ll include YouTube in the future.

Ad Spots & Other

If you’re interested in purchasing a traditional ad spot or discussing custom advertising opportunities on HL or have questions, please shoot me an email.

Thank you.