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Hanging Up the Scythe: Interested in Becoming the New Owner of Halloween Love?

Nothing lasts forever...

Halloween Love Heart

I’ve received many offers over the years by companies or fellow fans of Halloween/horror to acquire parts or the entirety of Halloween Love, and until now, I’ve always confidently, but politely, turned down those offers.

Today, with a massively heavy heart, I’m starting to consider offers.

Of anything I’ve ever done in my life, Halloween Love is by far the biggest and most passionate project I’ve ever worked on, and is now not only a blog, but an entire network of Halloween goodness. There are so many projects and assets, it’s hard to list them all, but I think the Network page might cover at least 75% of it.

Why am I considering selling after all these years?

I’m not desperate for money, I’m not facing any health issues, and I still love Halloween dearly.

Then why?

It’s true that I haven’t been able to pay writers like I used to for some time, but I rarely even write anymore myself. I don’t know fully to be honest, but getting older, a new stage of life?

Halloween Love is well-established for over a decade now, with over 1k passionately written articles, by real people, and a solid base of fans, social media followers, and subscribers, who were not bought, but genuine Halloween fans who joined slowly and organically over the years.

When you Google “halloween blog,” Halloween Love is one of the first listings that shows up.

For a new owner that has the funding to keep a full writing staff on full-time, it would be just pouring fuel on an old, but still well-lit fire.

What happens now? Is Halloween Love shutting down?

Absolutely not. As long as I’m the owner, things will continue on as usual, including the annual Halloween costume contest.

For me to consider being acquired, two things will need to take place:

  1. The new owner will need to be passionate about or otherwise able to give a loving home for Halloween/horror fans.
  2. The offer will need to be significant. If it’s not enough to change my life, I’m not sure why I’d consider it?

In a way, this is kind of my life’s work. It won’t just be offloaded to the highest bidder.

It’s very possible that Halloween Love will never be acquired at all or at least take a long time to be. The only thing that’s changed is I’m at least now open to hearing the offers:

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