Alan Wake and the Remedy Connected Universe

Considering just how important Alan Wake is to me, it’s hard to believe it took me so long to write about it. To try and give you an idea of how much I like Alan Wake, you have to understand that it’s not just a top-10 video game for me, but a top-10 storytelling experience

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Hanging Up the Scythe: Interested in Becoming the New Owner of Halloween Love?

I’ve received many offers over the years by companies or fellow fans of Halloween/horror to acquire parts or the entirety of Halloween Love, and until now, I’ve always confidently, but politely, turned down those offers. Today, with a massively heavy heart, I’m starting to consider offers. Of anything I’ve ever done in my life, Halloween

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The Debate Continues: Is Physical Media Going Away?

The short answer is of course “No,” physical media will never go away entirely. However, as with most things, the truth is more nuanced and it’s definitely naive to ignore the way things have been trending over the past decade. You can’t stop progress. New technology always has and always will change the landscape of


A Quick Glance at Texas Chain Saw Massacre DLC

Find review of the full game here. New maps, family, victims, executions, outfits, and weapon skins, but they ain’t cheap. Fortunately, I get review copies for free, but if I had to pay, I don’t think I would. I understand the base game is only $40 and it isn’t cheap to maintain an online game

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“The Cursed Mix of BoJoTep” 2023 Spooky Mix Tape

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Archaeologists have uncovered yet another previously unknown tomb. This time the tomb belonged to ancient Egyptian pharaoh, BoJoTep. Legends say this dark and spooky ruler was mummified before burial, but his tomb was protected by a diabolical curse. The legends have been proven true. The tomb was opened in the early hours of

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Halloween Costume Contest — 2023

Winner 🎉 This year’s winner is: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Congrats! 🥂 Email me to collect your prize. Permalink: halloweenlove.com/contest The Costumes Displayed randomly. Click to enlarge. Please note that “Likes” have no impact on winner selection and are purely for reader participation only. Sponsors And Donors Like These If you would like to be

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Goodbye My Friend, Jennifer Strange, One Neat, Spooky Kid

I just found out my friend Jen died. I used to think it was tacky to share these things online, especially social media because it’s public and not “real,” but what is the purpose of interacting with other humans in any form, if not for real connection? We may have just been “Twitter friends,” but


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Review

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes to us from the same developer of Friday the 13th, Gun Media. Despite one major deviation from the structure of Friday the 13th, if you enjoyed that game, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. That major deviation comes in the form of taking the asymmetrical 1v7 style and going


Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

The original Resident Evil 4, released back in 2005, is considered by most fans to be the best RE game of all-time, and one of the best games of all-time in general in the minds of many gamers (I would agree). Since it was a masterpiece already, the remake doesn’t veer too far from the