BJ Colangelo is special. Not in a “please don’t give her chocolate or knives” kinda special, but pretty damn close. A recovering toddlers & tiaras alumna, BJ is a seasoned musical theatre performer, film maker, and freelance writer. You can find her work on Day of the Woman, Icons of Fright, and Bitch Flicks or follow her on twitter @bjcolangelo.


M. Night Shyamalan: The Best Working Horror Director (For Child Actors)

Once hailed as “The Next Spielberg,” M. Night Shyamalan has become somewhat synonymous with disappointing failure. He came onto the scene with the arguably universally adored The Sixth Sense, but many fear his directorial prowess stopped there. Films like Unbreakable and Signs have their respective fanbases, but the failures of Lady in the Water, The


Movie Review: Para Elisa (2012)

For the last few years, a Spanish horror film called Para Elisa has been finding its way back into the spotlight without any means for the mass audiences to see it. Now, thanks to Dark Sky Films, Para Elisa will be hitting DVD and video on demand services on September 1st. The film follows a

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Five Horror Etsy Shops That Deserve Your Money

I’ve always been very particular about my horror apparel and accessories. Call me a snob if you’d like, but I’ve never been particularly fond of grabbing a horror shirt from Hot Topic, Walmart, or anywhere else that wasn’t solely catering to horror fans. We’re fortunate that companies like Fright-Rags, Rotten Cotton, Atomic Cotton, Electric Zombie,


HOLLISTON and the Accessibility of Horror Fandom

After a two year hiatus, Entertainment Weekly broke the news that the horror-sitcom Holliston would finally be returning for its third season. The popular show created by Adam Green (Hatchet, Digging Up The Marrow, Frozen) follows Green and long-time friend Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2) as fictional wannabe horror filmmakers struggling to make ends

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Why We Need the New Ghostbusters Cast

With the successes of films like The Hunger Games and Divergent, the burst of the “strong female lead” has been one of the most wildly discussed and debated topics in cinema. Citing examples like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Black Widow of The Avengers, there are many that believe this is one of the best


The Top 10 Homoerotic Horror Films

In celebration of June being Gay Pride month and with the historical Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, I wanted to celebrate the often overlooked subgenre of homoerotic horror films. Homosexual undertones have been present in horror films for decades but with horror becoming more and more progressive, we will hopefully start

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Confessions of a Screaming Theater-Goer

I’ve been consuming horror films longer than I’ve been able to write coherent sentences, and no matter how much I age or how de-sensitized to subject matter I become…I still “scream like a girl.” I’ve studied the tropes extensively, and despite the fact I can almost count to the exact moment a scare will take place

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Betsy Palmer, aka Pamela Voorhees, Passes Away at 88

Betsy Palmer made a living as a character actress and broadway performer for over three decades before taking a role that would skyrocket her to an icon. Film credits including Mr. Roberts with Henry Fonda, The Long Gray Line with Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara, Queen Bee with Joan Crawford, and The Tin Star with


Movie Review: How to Save Us (2014)

Jason Trost is endlessly fascinating; both as a person and as a filmmaker. Known for his iconic (used for necessity not as a fashion statement) eye patch and smoldering good looks, Trost is a member of a somewhat cinematic dynasty.  His brother Brandon Trost is an accomplished cinematographer, their sister Sarah Trost, is a costume