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Five Horror Etsy Shops That Deserve Your Money

I’ve always been very particular about my horror apparel and accessories. Call me a snob if you’d like, but I’ve never been particularly fond of grabbing a horror shirt from Hot Topic, Walmart, or anywhere else that wasn’t solely catering to horror fans. We’re fortunate that companies like Fright-Rags, Rotten Cotton, Atomic Cotton, Electric Zombie, and Cavity Colors exist, because we’re constantly getting new and unique horror goodness. I’m also a fan of limited run options from Etsy shops. Maybe it’s my inner hipster, but there’s something exhilarating about walking into a convention and hearing, “WHOA! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?!” Knowing I’m not alone, here are some awesome Etsy shops worth checking out.


Marketed as “Bloody Rare Designs for Those with Discerning Taste,” Head Hunter Apparel has unique and awesome designs for those loving Twin Peaks, the films of John Waters, and much more! Featured item: Laura Palmer Sweatshirt


The Hatbox Ghost is the shop of Niki Giallo, and her accessories are perfect for the discerning horror fan. Earrings, sweater clips, brooches, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets are her specialty. Featured item: Mars Attacks sweater clips. ACK! ACK!


In terms of horror decor, the stand ups from KneeHigh Horror cannot be topped. While the site features plenty of classic horror flicks, the dedication to making decor featuring some lesser known films sets this shop above the rest. And at $10 a pop, the prices can’t be beat. Featured item: Nekromantik stand up.


Do you remember the patterned bed sheets of your childhood and wish you had a way to wear them in public? Luckily for us, SweetHeartClothing has done exactly that. With dresses made from everything from ALF fabric to Monster High Dolls patterns, there’s an adorable pin-up dress for everyone! Featured item: Goosebumps pin-up dress. (Seriously, if someone wants to buy me this dress, I’ll kiss you on the mouth.)


And no outfit would be complete without some kick-ass kicks. AlzadoCompany is a fully customizable shoe shop with one of the best artists out there. Toms, Vans, and off-brand shoes are all customizable with absolutely stunning hand drawn artwork. Mad Max: Fury Road, The Walking Dead, and Carrie are just some of the amazing designs offered on display. Featured Item: Tales From The Crypt slip-ons.

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