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Gramps The Vamp is a genre-bending, cinematic instrumental collective that has been exploring the dark corners of groove-based music since 2011. Corralling its eclectic influences (funk, ethio-jazz, surf, afrobeat, psych-rock metal, avant-garde jazz) with a unifying retro-horror/sci-fi aesthetic, Gramps The Vamp weaves tight grooves, heavy thrashes, and epic themes together into a post-apocalyptic dance party. Gramps The Vamp released its debut self-titled LP, produced by Orgone’s Sergio Rios, in 2014. This sample-laden avant-funk album established the Chicago-based group both as a mainstay in the city’s robust funk-jazz scene, and as a group of renegades intent on breaking the mold of the genre. Experimentation continued for its 2016 sophomore effort, The Cave of 10,000 Eyes, a 70’s B-horror-film-inspired concept album that was recently added to the list of “Best Chicago Albums of the Decade” by the Chicago Reader. The seven-piece is now set to release its third record “Keeper of the Void” in October 2020, a 10 song journey into the unclassifiable unknown, the one genre where Gramps The Vamp feels most at home.

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The Bardo Bash by Gramps the Vamp — A Halloween Music Video

I’ve long lamented the fact that there isn’t a more developed genre of Halloween music. Beyond a few visionary classics like “Thriller,” “Ghostbusters,” and the “Monster Mash,” most Halloween playlists are filled with songs that are not written for Halloween at all, but just happen to have a lyric about monsters, evil, and the like.