I am Jonuel and I write Paranormal Horror stories. I love watching horror as much as the next guy but there is always that extra chill you get when you read it. I am also a freelance (as in my blog) Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Supernatural Fiction article writer, If you would like to follow me outside of here you can find me anytime on Twitter @jonuel_negron or on Facebook @ facebook.com/JNEGRONWRITER/ or my blog @ jonuelnegron.com/blog

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Golems & Constructs — The Horror Sub-genre is Hurting for a Reboot

Pop-Quiz horror fan and no cheating! You get only 20 seconds to answer each question. Ready, Go! Question 1: Can you name off all the vampires you know from horror and count them off? In 20 seconds you probably got off at least 8 names with 3 titles. If not, you need to re-evaluate your