Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Jesse Kimmel-Freeman was born and raised in the sun-kissed world of Southern California. Jesse has written six novels, four short stories, four illustrated children's books, been part of several anthologies and is actively working on the next pieces to her series. When she isn't hard at work writing, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful children, loving husband, and furry family. They have many adventures and several misadventures, but it all makes for a good story in the end. Come visit her at her Website: Twitter: Facebook: (page) or (personal acct) GoodReads: Pinterest: She loves hearing from her readers! You can email her at:

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Coming Out of the Coffin: A Brief Exploration of Modern Urban Vampire Subculture

Today, it is hard to go a few days without hearing about vampires. They dominate our television, our fiction, our movies, our politics, and even our past. From popular culture to history, vampires are ever-present. But while these vampires are creatures of legend and popular fiction, there are also individuals in contemporary society who call