The Unburied

I'm a web designer hailing from the United States, with a penchant for accidentally inhaling coffee and taking pictures of my cat. I like to talk to birds (but they don't always talk back), and my future self likes to leave me little presents to find in the past.


Flash Fiction: Your Fault

A short story about love and abandonment… I see you lie there among the broken brambles and twigs. The trickle of the river’s current seeps past you, catching your white dress in its tide and attempting to pull it along. Your eyes are closed, your body is broken. You look like a crippled doll left


Every Day Horror: Stepping Out at Night

A little taste of every day horror, and another reason why the real world frightens me… She stepped out into the cool night and took a deep breath, letting its chilly breeze trickle down her throat and delicately scratch at her trembling heart with icy fingers. Her body stood still as the sleepy silence pressed

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The Town Behind Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a video game developed by Konami Entertainment, with various other installments by other unrelated groups, and finally, two films directed by Cristophe Gans and Michael J Bassett. Set in a mysterious town named Silent Hill, both the games and films follow various characters as they discover themselves trapped in this place, learning

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The SCP Foundation

Imagine a government organization created solely to secure, contain, and protect paranormal anomalies in order to study them, help them, or keep them locked up. Imagine multiple facilities all around the world, multiple doctors and scientists, multiple test subjects and volunteers, all coming together to continue the research of these creatures and entities to keep

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Creature Feature: The Vampire

While vampires have taken some interesting twists and turns throughout its lifespan, the mythology of the vampire dates as far back as the early 16th century. The first recorded usage of the word ‘vampire’ can be traced to 1734, in a travelogue titled Travels of Three English Gentlemen. However, the term ‘vampyre’ goes even further


Review of Among the Sleep Alpha

A few months back, I’d heard of an interesting horror game called Among the Sleep, and only recently found it once more when they released a behind the scenes video of their environment testing. Intrigued and excited, I decided to look more into it. The game stars a two year old child who wakes up

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The Horror of Salt Lake City

About two weeks ago, I began a road trip throughout California and Oregon and assured everybody I’d be bringing back ghost stories to share with the readers of this blog. Unfortunately, during my travels, I found very little in the way of horror. Whether it be I was too busy dancing about other people’s living

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The Horror of the Donner Party

As of Friday night, I began a road trip going west to visit some friends and relatives for the holiday season. As a means of documenting this trip, I thought I’d pop in with some interesting tidbits about some of the places I’ve traveled through and to. From ghost stories to truly horrific events in


Thai Baker Creates Body Parts

Severed hands and peeled off faces are hardly what a person would think of when breakfast comes to mind, but to Thai baker Kittiwat Unarrom, it’s what’s for dinner. At least, it’s what he’s serving you. Unarrom has been cooking up these gruesome delights since 2006 in his family owned bakery in Thailand, and has


The Art of Madame Grotesque

“Sweet innocent Alien boy,
 he has not one friend. Perhaps it’s the dead bunny toy,
 that’s pinned to his head.” – Madame Grotesque If you’re looking for disturbing, gruesome, yet beautiful paintings and hauntingly sweet poems to tantalize your mind, then the art of Madame Grotesque may be for you. Heavily inspired by the works