The Art of Madame Grotesque

Alien Boy

“Sweet innocent Alien boy,

he has not one friend.
Perhaps it’s the dead bunny toy,

that’s pinned to his head.”

– Madame Grotesque

If you’re looking for disturbing, gruesome, yet beautiful paintings and hauntingly sweet poems to tantalize your mind, then the art of Madame Grotesque may be for you. Heavily inspired by the works of Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson, and Alex Pardee, Paige Carr (otherwise known as Madame Grotesque) uses her art as a window into her world of suppressed emotion. Her paintings most often contain subjects such as tortured people and gruesome and violent images — all of which having a somewhat childish and almost playful theme. Her poetry, furthermore, has a very sing-songy tone for very dismal and chaotic subjects, such as the one above. Each of her paintings have a story behind it, and each of her poems have a meaning.

Widow Girl and Shovel

Many of her pieces come in sets, or collections. An older collection of hers is known as the ‘Terror Cupcakes’ — a set of cupcakes one would be wise not to put in their mouths. The ‘Creepy Children’ series consists of a bunch of little children in gruesome or disturbing situations. Meanwhile, ‘My Monster Friends’ portrays a variety of creatures that one would expect to find in the darkest, most dismal places of the world. She is also known for making references to various children’s characters, such as Hello Kitty or Miffy. Of course, these are not the delightful critters we all remember from our pasts, but something out of a child’s worst nightmares.

The emotion and love put into Madame Grotesque’s artwork is both admirable and fantastic, giving the viewer or reader a sense of childish dread that fills them with a strong yearning to prance about in a field of severed hands, or finger paint on the wall from a palette of loving red. Overall, the experience of going through Madame Grotesque’s artwork is one that will settle in your heart and nibble delicately away, leaving you both horrified and delighted, and I would highly recommend decorating your home with one of her prints. I know I have.

You can browse through her entire gallery on her website. Enjoy!

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