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The SCP Foundation

SCP FoundationImagine a government organization created solely to secure, contain, and protect paranormal anomalies in order to study them, help them, or keep them locked up. Imagine multiple facilities all around the world, multiple doctors and scientists, multiple test subjects and volunteers, all coming together to continue the research of these creatures and entities to keep them safe from us, and to keep us safe from them.

Introducing the SCP Foundation, one of the most well-managed and well-done creepypastas on the internet. Their website depicts a variety of documents and files on various oddities that this organization has found throughout the world. On each SCP (file) is included an object class (Safe, Euclid, or Keter), a description of the anomaly, containment procedures, and detailed reports on various objects or beings they have contained within their walls.

SCP-106 "The Man"

The SCP’s can be something as plain as a cigarette with writing on it to something as noteworthy as a skull with markings. It can be a living, breathing being or something you couldn’t touch. It can be a place or it can be a person. The wide variety of SCP’s said to be contained within the walls of the facilities can leave a person browsing for hours, and send shivers down even the firmest of spines.

In fact, not only has it developed a strong and strict writing community to work on these creatures, but it has also become the inspiration to a few video games you all may be familiar with, such as SCP: Containment Breach (that features a variety of SCP’s the player has to avoid) and SCP-087-B (which is based off a single SCP the player has to survive).

If you’re a fan of reading horror, and would enjoy a variety of articles and delve into the world of SCP, I would highly recommend this website. If you’re a horror gamer who enjoys randomly generated monsters and settings, and being unable to fight back, I would highly suggest the games. Overall, the creations this community has made have been more than impressive — downright immersive. While the website can be a little difficult to understand at first, it is well worth it in the end.

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