The Unburied

I'm a web designer hailing from the United States, with a penchant for accidentally inhaling coffee and taking pictures of my cat. I like to talk to birds (but they don't always talk back), and my future self likes to leave me little presents to find in the past.


Murder on Friday the 13th

As Friday the thirteenth has come around, I thought it would be interesting to showcase a person who’s passed away on this monumental date. The person in question is a criminal by the name Mickey Spillane, and his name continues to live on among gangsters to this day. His death on Friday the 13th in

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Thirteen Days Until Christmas

As of December 12th, 2013, there are thirteen days until Christmas comes around — a time of giving, a time of celebration, and a time of horror. To celebrate the holiday season, here are five short stories set in the winter time that will make your blood absolutely curdle. The Boy Who Killed Santa Claus

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Through the Eyes of a Haunted House Actor

A step through the doors takes you between the barrier of the bright sunshine and the chilly, cool warehouse. Dust floats about you like little ghosts whispering your name. You proceed into the darkness, pushing aside a black drape and seeing the line of people waiting to be cast. You get through casting easily enough.

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Drip, Drip, Goes the Blood — How to Make Your Own

It seems only yesterday when we were throwing together costumes, asking strangers for candy, dancing late into the night, or frightening our loved ones in darkened halls. Even now, as Christmas is just around the corner, the spirit of Halloween lives strong within us. But is Halloween ever over? Any night is a good night