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Halloween Build-A-Bear Giveaway 🧸

Ashley is the winner! Congrats! 🧸 This might just be the cutest giveaway we’ve ever had. Prepare for cuteness overload. I discovered these adorable stuffies thanks to @PhantoMantis, who Tweeted: Build A Bear has a Werewolf. 🎃 — PhantoMantis (@PhantoMantis) September 17, 2019 I reached out to Build-A-Bear who kindly agreed to give away

[Bite-sized Horror]

Gloriously Green: NECA Announce the Return of the MANTIS ALIEN

Once again the San Diego Comic-Con is going to be an event that is just OVERFLOWING with announcements, reveals, exclusive previews, movie trailers and much, much more. But the ONLY news that really matters is the return of the Mantis Alien – which was originally part of the classic Kenner Aliens toy line – now


In Space No One Can Hear You Build: More Incredible Aliens Scenes Recreated in Lego!

In May of last year I posted a short interview here on HL with a Flickr user called Missing Brick – who has painstakingly built a series of highly detailed and spine-tingling Lego scenes that pay tribute to classic moments from James Cameron’s Aliens. Each build is huge and gloriously accurate, but the magical finishing


Candy Corn Coven: The Return of Dead Charlotte is a Halloween Treat!

Don’t you just LOVE that feeling you get when you know an awesome parcel is very close to reaching your doorstep! I personally start this emotional roller-coaster by trying not to think about the item in question too much because it still has a LONG way to travel. Then I gradually begin to worry about


Halloween 2015 Review: Let’s Rip Open Some Lego “Monsters” Minifigures

Series 14 of the incredibly popular Lego Minifigures arrived last week, and for the first time since they started releasing these blind bagged individual characters I decided to get involved and buy a few. I’m not normally much of a Lego collector at all, but when it was revealed that this latest series had a


Coolest Horror Images of the Week: 8/17-8/23

It’s time once again to take a look at the coolest horror images I’ve stumbled across on the internet in the past week. So let’s get right to it, shall we?! Last year, Canadian artist Trevor Henderson started making vintage-style jointed Halloween decorations depicting horror icons, and he created a slew of fan-favorite characters including


What Lurks Within?: Unwrapping the Dead Charlotte Experience

“I want to invoke a feeling of time and an older type of dread” A quote from Jack of Jack’s Attic, taken from a recent discussion we had about his upcoming new figure release – Dead Charlotte. Regular readers might be aware that I recently worked closely with this gentleman to create seven special horror


Looking into the Blackest Eyes: Facing a Resin Michael Myers with Jack’s Attic

The Challenge: Find seven unique and hand-crafted horror collectables to present as gifts to my good friends when we all meet up for our once a year weekend of reminiscing, talking, movie watching and beer drinking. Previous gatherings had seen some incredible items being handed out, and this year it was my turn to deliver