In Space No One Can Hear You Build: More Incredible Aliens Scenes Recreated in Lego!

Lego Aliens : Missing Brick

In May of last year I posted a short interview here on HL with a Flickr user called Missing Brick – who has painstakingly built a series of highly detailed and spine-tingling Lego scenes that pay tribute to classic moments from James Cameron’s Aliens.

Each build is huge and gloriously accurate, but the magical finishing touch is always provided by the atmospheric lighting and subtle effects work that Missing Brick incorporates in every shot. It just makes everything feel ALIVE, and each photograph becomes a joy to look at.

My final question in that original Q&A was to ask if there were plans for any further scene recreations on the horizon, which got this reply …

“There are still loads of Aliens scenes to build : Hadley’s Hope, Medilab, the Alien Hive – just about every scene in the movie is memorable and visually interesting – so please stay tuned to my Flickr account for more Aliens creations!”

So, 18 months later – has Missing Brick been busy? Let’s take a look!

Lego Aliens: Hypersleep

Aliens: Hypersleep

Mirrors were used here to create the effect of having multiple cryo-pods, and the picture includes exactly the right amount as featured in the film.

Lego Aliens - "Can I Dream?"

“Can I Dream?”

Lego Aliens: Medlab

Aliens: Medlab

Lego Aliens "Ripley. Break the glass, break it!"

“Ripley. Break the glass, break it!”

Lego Aliens: APC Approach

Aliens: APC

Lego Aliens: Hadley's Hope

Aliens: Hadley’s Hope

Lego Aliens - "How long 'til it blows?"

“How long ’til it blows?”

That’s a real reflection on the window – no photoshop tricks!

Lego Aliens - The Hive

Alien Hive

Lego Aliens: APC Rescue

Aliens: APC Rescue

This shot was achieved by keeping the APC and camera still while everything else was moving!

Lego Aliens - "Lets Rock!!"

“Lets Rock!!”

To read the original interview and see some of more of Missing Brick’s amazing work, just click HERE! Or to go directly to the Flickr page to see every image available, just go HERE!

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