In Space No One Can Hear You Build: More Incredible Aliens Scenes Recreated in Lego!

In May of last year I posted a short interview here on HL with a Flickr user called Missing Brick – who has painstakingly built a series of highly detailed and spine-tingling Lego scenes that pay tribute to classic moments from James Cameron’s Aliens. Each build is huge and gloriously accurate, but the magical finishing


Halloween 2015 Review: Let’s Rip Open Some Lego “Monsters” Minifigures

Series 14 of the incredibly popular Lego Minifigures arrived last week, and for the first time since they started releasing these blind bagged individual characters I decided to get involved and buy a few. I’m not normally much of a Lego collector at all, but when it was revealed that this latest series had a

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Awesome Image of the Day: Lego Death and His Horse

Every day this week I have been sharing some incredible pictures taken by Earl Ware aka 3rd-Rate Photography, who has put together a stunning collection of horror and pop culture influenced images mostly featuring action figures and toys. Today we catch up with good old Death, wandering a desolate landscape alongside his trusty steed. I


Aliens the Lego Edition: My Q&A with its Architect ‘Missing Brick’

I’ve seen a LOT of custom Lego work over the years, online and at shows, but these Aliens movie scenes that were planned, built and photographed by Flickr resident ‘Missing Brick‘ are some of the best I have ever encountered, if not THE best! I worship Aliens and have a fondness for Lego that stretches


Cut Down to Size: Lego & Horror Combining to Make Miniature Magic

Whenever I think about Lego and creating things out of Lego I tend to think BIG, it’s just an automatic go-to setting my brain has which probably originates from my youth when I would try to build huge vehicles or a tall tower that would inevitably sway then come crashing down. But today I want


Weird World Weekly: Amputation, Evil Lego and Skin Auctions!

It’s a wonderful and sometimes truly bizarre world we live in but the age of the internet makes so much information and news available to us that it’s easy to become desensitised to most things you read and watch. There is fascinating, thought provoking and brilliantly crazy stuff out there, you just have to fight