Cut Down to Size: Lego & Horror Combining to Make Miniature Magic

Lego Horror

Whenever I think about Lego and creating things out of Lego I tend to think BIG, it’s just an automatic go-to setting my brain has which probably originates from my youth when I would try to build huge vehicles or a tall tower that would inevitably sway then come crashing down.

But today I want to share the work of an incredibly talented horror lover who proves that sometimes, the true magic to be found within Lego is on a small scale.

Through the use of patient, meticulous lighting, careful positioning and enviable photography skills, Klyph R’ha Ben Sun is able to create amazing images that instantly brought a smile to my face … Many of them featuring just a single Lego figure yet they somehow perfectly capture the spirit of the movies and subjects they are paying homage to.

There is a lot of creative and custom Lego photography out there if you look around but it was the clean, uncomplicated beauty of Klyph’s work that instantly hooked me and made me want to make contact and find out more.

Here is some insight from Klyph into the process and how this hobby began …

“Where to start? … I have always been a fan of LEGO and horror. The first book I remember taking off my mom’s book shelf was a novelization of the movie “Alien” and LEGO blocks were the first toys I can recall. It wasn’t until a few years back I really started making both into art. Something about seeing some of the iconic scenes from horror movies and horror culture acted out by LEGO people makes the little joy monster in my head smile.

I have a small work room in the house that Is just for my LEGO art. In that room is a wall of sorting trays that must look like a LEGO person’s darkest nightmare. Bins of heads, arms, legs, hands, hair…..and so on. The small working area has its draw backs. Limited room for set up, getting the lighting just right and making sure I don’t bump something and knock over the scene I just spent an hour getting just right.

My favorite horror movie of all time is John Carpenter’sThe Thing“. I remember how it scared the hell out of me and I didn’t trust the family dog for months. Some day soon I will do a LEGO pic from that movie. When I feel I can do it justice. The rest of my horror viewing is rather broad in range. I like everything from low budget slasher flicks like “Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon of Death” by Todd Sheets to psychological thrillers like “Cape Fear” the Martin Scorsese, 1991 version.”

I’m delighted to say I got the green light to share some images here today and what follows are my 10 personal favourites … There are MANY more to be found over on Flickr or DeviantART so if you like what you see here then take a moment and have a look. You will be glad you did.

Lego Bloody Valentine

‘My Bloody Valentine in 3D’

Lego Friday Part 2

‘Part 2’

Lego Friday the 13th

‘Friday The 13th’

Lego Jack the Ripper


Lego Lovecraft

‘The Whisperer in Darkness’

Lego Phantasm


Lego Poltergeist

‘They’re Here’

Lego Psycho

‘Yes Mother’

Lego Ring


Lego Walking Dead


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