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Gloriously Green: NECA Announce the Return of the MANTIS ALIEN

New NECA Mantis Alien Figure

Once again the San Diego Comic-Con is going to be an event that is just OVERFLOWING with announcements, reveals, exclusive previews, movie trailers and much, much more. But the ONLY news that really matters is the return of the Mantis Alien – which was originally part of the classic Kenner Aliens toy line – now given a 2016 makeover by the legends at NECA!

I WORSHIP the Kenner Aliens toys from the early 1990s, so it’s POSSIBLE I might be slightly exaggerating just important this news is, but just look how beautifully transparent and green he/she is!!!

New NECA Mantis Alien Figure 2016

Classic Kenner Mantis Alien Figure

The original figure was always one of my favorites, and I still own it in pristine condition, so I can’t wait to introduce it to this modern highly articulated sibling!

Now NECA just need to remake the Snake Alien and I can die happy!

Kenner Mantis Alien vs Lava Predator

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