Gone to Texas: A Look at the New Leatherface ‘Kill People’ Resin Release from Jack’s Attic

Kill People Leatherface Figure Review - From Jack's Attic.

Summer seems to have FINALLY arrived here in the UK. Temperatures are WAY up, the sun is (for now) blazing through my window, and the urge to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre once again grows within me.

Tobe Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece is easily my ultimate summer horror movie. A relentless road trip into the depths of hell, where you can almost FEEL the heat rising from sweat soaked skin, and the daylight contains just as much terror as the darkness. I probably watch it at least twice every summer, and this year I’m in the mood to return to Texas even MORE than usual thanks to the arrival of some brand new Leatherface Kill People figures from Jack’s Attic!

The Kill People are handmade bootleg designer toys. A horror themed line of peg figures which combine the simple bodies you would find on classic Fisher Price Little People characters with highly detailed horror icon heads. It’s childhood innocence merging with modern action figure maturity to produce insanely cool collectables that are unique and always utterly desirable.

Headcheese Resin Kill People Figures - Jack's Attic

This past weekend I was able to get an exclusive look at two of the brand new variants that will be dropping THIS FRIDAY (Aug 19th), and I am happy to report that they are some of Jack’s best work yet. Kill People figures always sell out pretty quick, but you need to TRY and secure one of these brutes no matter what!

Let’s take a closer look …

Headcheese Leatherface Resin Figure - Jack's Attic

“Headcheese” is the standout variant from this wave, named after one of the original titles for the film. More detailed than any previous Kill People figure released by Jack thus far, it’s a perfect miniature tribute to Leatherface, with several design choices I noticed and appreciated. From the faded yellow body which instantly makes you think of his legendary apron, to the fine mist of blood splatter that covers the front of the figure, this piece takes things to the next level.

Bloody Ghost Leatherface Kill People Variant - Jack's Attic

“Bloody Ghost” is a variant that was originally introduced when Michael Myers got the Kill People treatment. The body and head are perfectly clear transparent resin, and the blood that looks like it is dripping off the figure isn’t just surface paint, it’s actually cast within the plastic! I’m obsessed with transparent action figures and toys, and I’ve been collecting them since childhood, so to me this design is beyond awesome!

Both figures came with resealable clamshell display cases, and as always the beautifully designed card inserts compliment the toys perfectly and make them incredibly eye-catching when on display. Anyone who already owns an item from Jack’s Attic will just KNOW how much effort and imagination goes into the packaging for these little killers, and that has continued here.

Headcheese Packaging - Jack's Attic Kill People

In total there are going to be 85 figures made available this Friday, August 19th, at 12.30 PM EST. They will be spread out across 7 different variations, and below is a look at what will be unleashed in the Jack’s Attic store, which can be found HERE.

Leatherface Kill People Variants - Jack's Attic

Headcheese: 30 pieces. $15 each.
Old Videogame (Blue): 10 pieces. $12
Old Videogame (Green): 10 pieces. $12
Bloody Ghost: 8 pieces. $12
M.U.S.C.L.E. pink: 8 pieces. $12
B&W: 10 pieces. $12
Bloody Phosphorus: 9 pieces. $12

Buyers are limited to 2 pieces of any one variant, but can buy as many different variants as they wish.

I’m going to be hovering over my mouse with a twitchy finger Friday lunchtime, because there is one more figure I have my eye on, and I highly recommend you do the same. When it comes to cool horror collectables, value for money, and flawless customer service – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Headcheese - Bootleg Resin Action Figure - Jack's Attic

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