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Halloween Ends Review

It’s been all pumpkin mush after the fairly competent 2018 reboot of Halloween that set up a new premise and narrative framework for the long-running horror franchise with “The Shape” standing at its center. The overstuffed Halloween Kills expanded to examine the rotting effects Michael Myers has inflicted on the citizens of Haddonfield, Illinois. Halloween

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Horror, but Not Horror: Homecoming

Wow. Homecoming is a masterpiece, and I almost passed it over. From the trailer (the one I had seen at least), and from the description, it really didn’t do it justice. My expectations of what this was going to be were wildly wrong. I only decided to give it a chance because it was new,


Return of the Franchise Boogeymen! Part 2

Earlier this week we previewed all the exciting returns of some of our favorite franchise boogeymen. Today, we’ve got a few more to discuss. The only problem, these films are all “in development”. While it’s all great news, and I’ve no doubt we will see these films up on the big screen eventually, there is

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Golems & Constructs — The Horror Sub-genre is Hurting for a Reboot

Pop-Quiz horror fan and no cheating! You get only 20 seconds to answer each question. Ready, Go! Question 1: Can you name off all the vampires you know from horror and count them off? In 20 seconds you probably got off at least 8 names with 3 titles. If not, you need to re-evaluate your


Finding Fuchs Part 2: Joel Polis Remembers Bus Terror, Outpost 31 and THE THING!

Welcome to the SECOND part of my exclusive interview with Joel Polis, who portrayed Fuchs in John Carpenter’s The Thing. If you missed the first part then click over to HERE, read it, then return to absorb these final few questions. Trust me, it’s worth it! Today, Joel remembers a perilous journey toward the outdoor


Finding Fuchs Part 1: HL Asks Joel Polis to Remember THE THING!

I’m going to keep this introduction short today, because what you are about to read below is just far too fascinating and awesome to be delayed by my urge to write ANOTHER love letter to John Carpenter. I could quite happily tap away on the keyboard and blast out two thousand words of worship right


John Carpenter’s ‘Lockout’ Lawsuit and the Strange Precedent it Sets

Around this time of the year, the name John Carpenter typically comes up in reference to Halloween, the 1978 horror classic that pretty much everyone on Earth revisits each and every October. But this year is a little bit different, as Carpenter-related conversation of a totally different sort has divided the internet in the wake


The Terminator: An ’80s Slasher Film Disguised as an ’80s Action Film

James Cameron’s Terminator franchise gets a fifth installment this week in the form of Terminator Genisys, which has a plot so confusing that I honestly can’t even keep track of what’s happening in the two-minute trailer. At this point, the franchise is such a mess that I’m not sure I’ll even bother heading out to


Anthology Rank: Body Bags (1993)

The year was 1993. With HBO knocking the horror anthology format straight out of the park with their EC Comics-based series Tales from the Crypt, competing network Showtime wanted their slice of the proverbial pie. And so they developed Body Bags, originally intended to be a television series that would deliver weekly tales of horror.