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Halloween 2015 : My New Favorite Crappy And Cheap Ghostface Mask!

If you were following Halloween Love about 12 months ago you MIGHT have noticed that I posted a few pictures of myself wearing multiple garish, cheap and nasty Ghostface masks. This is simply due to my unexplainable and borderline unhealthy obsession with tracking down any examples that just look weird, stupid or ridiculous. While most

MTV’s Scream Series Premiere: Thoughts and Opinions

While some horror fans are kind enough to wait until they see new movies/TV shows before judging them, many unfortunately are not. Like most reboots, MTV’s Scream television series was unfairly written off before we even saw so much as a clip of the show, and much of that hatred was derived from the fact

Scream And Shout : Alternative Poster Art That Wants To Gut You Like A Fish!

Sunday has once again arrived all too quickly and here at Halloween Love that means one thing – it’s time for another batch of incredible poster images from the thriving alternative art community! So far I’ve revealed my personal favorite posters that pay tribute to: Jaws – Stephen King’s IT – Alien – The Shining

Yard Sale Finds: Movie Maniacs Mother Lode

This past weekend marked the official start of summer, which means that yard sale season is now in full swing. The first weekend of summer is always a good time to head out there and check out your local yard sales, and though that was my plan, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling pretty

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New Ghostface Mask For Scream TV Show Revealed!

Ok, I quite like it! I was expecting a much bigger difference, something completely removed from the mask we all know and love, but this instantly makes me think of it. A bit more human, similar features but not as exaggerated. The picture isn’t the best so I will hold off on giving it too

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‘Scream’ TV Show Will NOT Be Using The Iconic Ghostface Mask!

I can’t say I’m totally surprised, TV shows based on movies tend to try and bring a healthy dose of originality to the table and altering the look of the mask was always a real possibility. Mina Lefevre, MTV’s senior vice president had the following to say … “It’s a darker, almost more grounded, evolved