Ghostface in the Pasta & Other Random Madness: My Halloween Week in Pictures!

My halloween Week In Pictures 2015

Halloween confession time – I actively avoided carrying a modern phone for years, but eventually I started to notice people pointing and laughing each time I answered my Nokia 3310 in public. I was mercilessly mocked because my phone could only receive phone calls! So six months ago I wiped the spit off my face and decided to join the rest of planet earth by purchasing a “Smartphone”…

Trouble is, I now take photos of anything and EVERYTHING! Moments in time that amuse my disturbed brain, strange sights that nobody appreciates but me, and just random shit that really shouldn’t be worthy of a picture. Halloween week has been no different, and here are some of the best (worst?) shots that I saved because… well, because that’s what I do!

Bubble Skull In My Kitchen Sink!

Did these bubbles in my kitchen sink form the shape of a SKULL?!! Or did these bubbles in my kitchen sink just look like… bubbles in a sink? I think we all know the answer to this. Definitely a skull!

My Cheap Plastic Ghostface Scream Mask Rainbow.

United Colors Of Ghostface! I really need to stop buying cheap plastic Scream masks.

Halloween Poison Bottles 2015

Decorative poison bottles seem to be popular this year. If I ever become a poisoner I’m going to keep my poison in one of these. It’s the last place the cops will ever look!!

Serial Killer Car Message For His Mom!

Our local serial killer is a considerate individual who respects the FAMILY!

Screaming Vampires Fireworks Pack

Most days I help my elderly neighbour by taking her poop-eating little canine princess for an early evening walk, but on Wednesday this activity was interrupted by some HORRIFIC noises emanating from the local park which REALLY spooked the pooch. After some cautious investigation I discovered it was nothing to worry about… just a few Screaming Vampires!

Transparent Halloween Masks In Sunlight

Afternoon sunlight through transparent Halloween masks is really quite beautiful.

Halloween Jelly Candy Looks Good!

Halloween jelly shapes are almost too perfect to eat… ALMOST!

Mulder's Window Tape!

Most people would walk past this construction site window and just see tape placed there for safety reasons. When I walk past it, I see David Duchovny sitting in a dark room, waiting for Steven Williams to arrive with some important information regarding alien cloning or some shit about Mulder’s sister!

Plastic Baby Arm Near A Wet Trash Bag!

Proof that anything can look creepy when it’s next to a plastic baby arm in the rain!!

Ghostface In Hello Kitty Pasta!

My daughter wanted a tin of Hello Kitty pasta shapes for lunch on Thursday, but little did I know that a familiar face was lurking within. You have no idea how excited I got when I looked into the pan! Almost didn’t want to heat up the little dude. But I did, and a few minutes later he was history.

Autumn Sunset 2015. Happy Halloween.

The sun sets on October 30th, a rare perfect autumnal day here in the UK.

Halloween has arrived, and I wish you ALL a spooky perfect day.

Stay safe, and have fun. x

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