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Halloween is on the Way: More Cheap Mask Mayhem!

For the past two Halloween seasons I have found myself start to collect and adore cheap and weird Halloween masks, ESPECIALLY the endless unofficial Ghostface masks that seem to populate every store I enter like a tempting plague. What once were items I would walk past without a moments consideration … are now items I

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Halloween is on the Way: The FrightZone Scream Masks Review

Cheap, bootleg Ghostface masks, I love them! They are the one item I see more than any other every Halloween season and I’m afraid to say I have been seduced by the idea of collecting them over the last couple of years. I don’t care how gaudy or bizarre they have been made to appear,


Carry on Screaming: My Ten Most Memorable Ghostface Movie Moments

No matter what you think of the Scream movies, love, hate, indifference – there is one aspect that is hard not to seriously like, and that is of course Ghostface, the most energetic and clumsy of all the horror movie icons. Freddy likes to prowl and pose, the master of his dream realm. Michael Myers