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Halloween is on the Way: The FrightZone Scream Masks Review

Scream Masks

Cheap, bootleg Ghostface masks, I love them! They are the one item I see more than any other every Halloween season and I’m afraid to say I have been seduced by the idea of collecting them over the last couple of years. I don’t care how gaudy or bizarre they have been made to appear, if it has the Scream ‘look’, even just slightly, I’ll be carrying one home in a bag.

Today I discovered these two monstrosities in a small shop close to where I live … They were only £2 each and HAD to be purchased simply because they are just so bad. The pink one especially is a beautiful tribute to the art of making a terrible Halloween mask!

Scream Masks

The plastic is low quality and the fabric hoods are a bit small but I simply don’t care. They made me smile the moment I laid eyes on them. The kids will love them, and anything linked to actual movie characters in the budget Halloween display stands always gets a thumbs up from me.

Low cost, cool and fun. What’s not to like? There were a couple more crazy colors on the peg and I have a feeling I will be returning for them in the next day or two. Long live Ghostface!

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