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Halloween is on the Way: More Cheap Mask Mayhem!

Halloween Masks

For the past two Halloween seasons I have found myself start to collect and adore cheap and weird Halloween masks, ESPECIALLY the endless unofficial Ghostface masks that seem to populate every store I enter like a tempting plague.

What once were items I would walk past without a moments consideration … are now items I grab, hold excitedly and pay hard earned money for. Let’s take a look at the abominations I spent the rent money on this week …

1. Big Scream.

Big Scream

Ok, first up we have this insanely elongated Scream mask that I purchased for the paltry sum of £1.99. This is Ghostface if he was kicked hard in the nuts, or how he would look if he stepped on a nail barefoot while making a midnight trip to the lavatory … It’s the basic design of the classic mask taken to the extreme. The mouth is so big it blends into the nose, and the whole thing is just really BIG. I’m not sure if the picture properly shows the scale but when it’s on your face you cannot tilt your head forward because the chin will stab you in the chest!

It’s made from good quality, hard plastic and I personally think it looks strangely awesome. Cheap and cool, two thumbs up!

2. Web Scream.

Web Scream

This bizarre variation was created by the same company that made all of the other whacky Scream masks I have been posting pictures of over the last week or two. They are VERY cheap and made from brittle plastic but I love them … I really do. They are fun, affordable and just cool to collect. This time they have painted the eyes and mouth a very dark red color and then (for some reason?), drizzled fine lines of black paint over the mask, which I suppose gives it a weathered, cobweb covered look? Or not …

Let’s face it, these guys produced a spotty PINK variant!! … So this is perfectly normal compared to that!

3. Blood Scream.

Blood Scream

This one was a little more expensive than the others due to being one of those ‘bleeding’ masks. You squeeze a rubber heart attached to a thin hose and the blood will ooze over the face. Fun for the kids, but a bitch to properly clean afterward if you just want to display the mask. I personally bought it just because I thought it looked damn cool. The smaller round eyes make it look very much like the actual ‘The Scream’ painting by Edvard Munch, and it’s a nice change from the familiar drooping eyes used in the movies.

I suspect the gold/yellow color the mask has (which I actually really like), is not supposed to be there. It was displayed in a shop window and I think the sunlight discolored the surface, altering the natural white shade. I could be wrong but either way this mask is very nice. Well made, robust and comfortable to wear.

4. Predator Scream.

Predator Scream

This might just be my favorite purchase from the last seven days of mask hunting. To me it sort of looks like a strange combination of a Scream-type mask and a Predator helmet. It only vaguely resembles the Ghostface mask we know and love, but that’s good enough for my collecting habit. If it has a creepy face and a hood and looks a TEENY-TINY bit like the movie mask, I’ll be buying it!

The quality was great, it’s very easy to wear and it just looks a bit different and eye-catching. Love it!

5. Rubbish Jason.

Rubbish Jason

And we end this post with a hockey mask, YAY! … A TERRIBLE hockey mask, BOOO! … But, the blood splashes are actually nicely done, and it does remind me of Jason, and it did only cost £1. Oh, who am I kidding, I sort of love it as well. Between you and me … I wrote this whole article while wearing it and breathing heavily. It made me feel pleasingly menacing, and a little light-headed …

Join me soon for more cheap and cheerful masks!

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