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Halloween 2015: My New Favorite Crappy and Cheap Ghostface Mask!

Cheap Plastic Ghostface Mask 2015

If you were following Halloween Love about 12 months ago you MIGHT have noticed that I posted a few pictures of myself wearing multiple garish, cheap and nasty Ghostface masks. This is simply due to my unexplainable and borderline unhealthy obsession with tracking down any examples that just look weird, stupid or ridiculous.

Cheap Pink And Silver Ghostface Masks - UK Retail.

While most people want movie accurate masks made from rubber designed by NASA, I spend my days hunting for the street-level masks, the affordable monstrosities that need loving homes and normally cost less than a can of Coke.

The damn things are everywhere! Even here in the UK where Halloween is a more subdued yearly event, you simply cannot walk into a shop during September and October without finding a Ghostface mask that looks like shit. I love them! I don’t know why it started or how it started, I just know if I see one I have to buy it!

Cheap masks also always remind me of my childhood. Just a fragile piece of plastic and some elastic string that cuts into the side of your face and gives you deep red lines on your ears, it’s the classic mask wearing experience.

New Cheap Ghostface Mask - 2015

This week I discovered what I believe is my new champion. It’s wafer thin and would probably crack if exposed to a light breeze. The lumpy and bumpy finish gives it a ‘homemade’ appearance, and when you wear it the end result is a Ghostface from the future! He’s tired, he’s old, and his days chasing Neve Campbell up several flights of stairs are long gone.

Cheap Ghostface / Scream Mask - 2015 UK.

But when you place some black fabric over the mouth and eye holes and throw a hood over your head, the damn thing looks ok! On the way home I pondered the possibility that the green paint job might actually be glow-in-the-dark!

It wasn’t. But for 50p what do you expect?

This is a magnificent specimen. Mass produced somewhere in the world and then shipped out to stores so kids can buy a mask with the loose change in their pockets and look SLIGHTLY like the killer from Wes Craven’s awesome movie!

I fucking LOVE Halloween!

Cheap And Crappy Ghostface Mask Review 2015.

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