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Halloween 2015: Fright-Rags Want You to look Good for the Season of the Witch!

Halloween Movie Shirts Fright-Rags.

A few weeks ago I made Halloween 3 the focus of our weekly alternative poster art list, and while I was thrilled to see such incredible work paying tribute to this cult masterpiece I remember thinking there really should be more! No movie explores the dark forces that come out to play during Halloween quite like Season of the Witch, and the imagery contained within is just begging to be used in cool and exciting ways …

Step forward Fright-Rags, who seem to have read my mind and yesterday revealed several brand new designs based on Halloween 3, featuring art that will bring a blood red tear of joy to both your eyes!

Oh, and speaking of blood tears, Michael Myers and Halloween 2 is getting some serious love as well!

The chosen artists are all names you will probably be familiar with and what they have delivered is the PERFECT start to our journey toward Halloween 2015. Let’s take a look …

Halloween 3 T-Shirt Designs. Fright-Rags 1

Halloween 3 V1 – (Justin Osbourn) Buddy’s Demise – (Matt Tobin) The Big Giveaway – (Steve Sampson)

Halloween 3 T-Shirt Designs. Fright-Rags 2

Silver Shamrock & Transmission – (Kyle Crawford)

Halloween 2 T-Shirt Designs - Fright-Rags 1

Halloween 2 V1 – (Justin Osbourn) Halloween 2 V2 – (Marc Schoenbach) Halloween 2 V3 – (Nathan Thomas Milliner)

Halloween 2 T-Shirt Designs - Fright-Rags 2

Nurse Janet – (Chris Lovell) The Shape Attacks – (Matt Tobin) Mr. Sandman – (Paul Shipper)

I can see at LEAST three designs that I would happily sell my mother for, and in a perfect world I would be buying all of them. Pre-orders are being taken from next Wednesday at 10am EST, so if you see something you want don’t be late!

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