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It is a movie title that inspires near instant anger when it is mentioned. Purists tear it down every chance they can get. Few will say it is actually a good movie. There are some out there, however, who understand that it is not only a good film, but actually a very creative and original

Four Awesome Movie/TV Homages to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

There was a time when 1982’s Halloween 3: Season of the Witch was almost universally derided by horror fans, especially the ones with a fondness for Michael Myers and his particular brand of evil. It’s of course the one Halloween sequel that Myers doesn’t appear in, and though the bold choice proved unsuccessful at first,

Coolest Horror Images of the Week: 9/7-9/13

It’s time once again to take a look at the coolest horror images I’ve stumbled across on the internet in the past week. You didn’t come here for words but rather for photos, so let’s get right to it! Earlier this week, President Obama awarded 21 individuals and organizations for their enduring contributions to the

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Halloween 2015 : Fright-Rags Want You To look Good For The Season Of The Witch!

A few weeks ago I made Halloween 3 the focus of our weekly alternative poster art list, and while I was thrilled to see such incredible work paying tribute to this cult masterpiece I remember thinking there really should be more! No movie explores the dark forces that come out to play during Halloween quite

Five of the Best Retro Horror Movie Teaser Trailers

With the advent of the internet, teaser trailers have become more popular than ever, utilized as a way to generate fan interest in a film before the actual trailer is ready for viewing. But teasers are nothing new, and in fact, the ones from decades past are much cooler than the ones we typically get