Walmart and Horror Fans: We’re Friends, Not Enemies

A couple horror films made news last year when Walmart took it upon themselves to quite literally change the titles of those movies, namely the horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards (which became Bloodsucking Bosses) and the anthology A Christmas Horror Story (re-titled A Holiday Horror Story). In so many words, they don’t want any controversy on their

Rare Exports: The Original Krampus Horror Movie

Released earlier this month, Michael Dougherty’s Krampus became a surprise hit at the box office, and I think it’s safe to say the film’s success can be chalked up to both positive reviews and the fact that the titular character is currently more popular than ever. Dougherty’s movie quite literally came along at the perfect

Michael Dougherty’s Krampus: Interpreting The Ending

Six years after Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat was dumped to video, after sitting on a shelf for a couple years prior, his follow-up Krampus spread holiday fear at the box office this past weekend. Much to the delight of the horror community – or at least the fans who actually like horror movies –

Strange Sequels: How Silent Night, Deadly Night Did What Halloween Couldn’t

As we talked about here on HL back in October, the original plan for the Halloween franchise was that unconnected sequel Halloween 3: Season of the Witch would take the series down an entirely different path, kick-starting an anthology of sequels connected only by the holiday. Of course, audiences didn’t take too kindly to the

Killing With Kindness: The Walking Dead’s Most Dangerous Villain is Compassion

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Here’s Not Here,’ was an incredibly polarizing one, the extended 90-minute affair focused entirely on the so-called origin story of benevolent badass Morgan Jones. As we learned, Morgan was at one time a cold-blooded killer like Rick Grimes, but after spending some time with a kind man