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Candy Corn Coven: The Return of Dead Charlotte is a Halloween Treat!

Don’t you just LOVE that feeling you get when you know an awesome parcel is very close to reaching your doorstep! I personally start this emotional roller-coaster by trying not to think about the item in question too much because it still has a LONG way to travel. Then I gradually begin to worry about


Looking into the Blackest Eyes: Facing a Resin Michael Myers with Jack’s Attic

The Challenge: Find seven unique and hand-crafted horror collectables to present as gifts to my good friends when we all meet up for our once a year weekend of reminiscing, talking, movie watching and beer drinking. Previous gatherings had seen some incredible items being handed out, and this year it was my turn to deliver


My Little Horror: The Art of Pony Alteration and a Chat with Mari Kasurinen

My daughter is obsessed with them, my girlfriend adores them, and due to those circumstances I spend WAY more money on them than any man my age probably should. I am talking about My Little Pony. Those annoyingly impressive lumps of plastic that have been around since the dawn of time … or at least

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Awesome Image of the Day: Krueger Klaw!

Welcome back to your (almost) daily dose of awesome horror/monster toy photography, which this week will be featuring the work of seriously dedicated Flickr member John Morey aka ridureyu1, who has assembled a HUGE collection of incredible images featuring action figures, toys and just lots of really cool stuff! Today my choice was easy. I


Taking it to the Next Level: A Chat with Homemade Horror Master Gabe LaPeer

Sometimes I look at the work of talented, artistic and skilled individuals and just think, DAMN … I wish I was naturally more creative! Normally I get that sensation with illustrations and artwork but the subject of todays article raised my envy levels to an all time high thanks to his incredible sculpting abilities and


Aliens the Lego Edition: My Q&A with its Architect ‘Missing Brick’

I’ve seen a LOT of custom Lego work over the years, online and at shows, but these Aliens movie scenes that were planned, built and photographed by Flickr resident ‘Missing Brick‘ are some of the best I have ever encountered, if not THE best! I worship Aliens and have a fondness for Lego that stretches


Strike a Pose: Horror Action Figures Never Looked so Good!

Ok, try to picture the scene. A ten year old boy is in his backyard and with him is his large plastic box of Star Wars figures. He spends about 30 minutes digging a deep, circular hole in the dry, hard dirt under the grass then when he is happy with it he begins sticking