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Burial Ground

Burial Ground (1981) could not get more Italian if it tried. I recently revisited the film by watching Severin’s remastered Blu-ray of the classic, and it is exactly how I remember, though it looks far better than it did on the VHS tape I originally watched it on decades ago. If you have not seen

Falling Through the Cracks: Zombies Chronicles

When I was a much younger horror fan, I obsessively scoured the internet for hours, every day, for any picture, snippet, interview, preview, or rumor I could get my hands on for upcoming horror releases. When I was in school and in study hall, I’d always pretend to need to go to the library to

Train to Busan – Yupp, Zombies Are Still Terrifying

If there is one sub-genre that horror fans keep claiming is “dead” or “used up” it’s the zombie flick. With The Walking Dead being as massive as it is and every amateur filmmaker making their attempt at a Night of the Living Dead the market has become more than saturated. That doesn’t mean, however, that

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10 Things Not to Say During the Zombie Apocalypse

During the upcoming zombie apocalypse please keep this possible life saving tip in mind. If you run across other survivors you’ll need to remember that not everything we say today is something that should be said at this time. Sure sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt is true in

The Walking Dead Is Better Than Ever After Recent Character Death

This past Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Thank You,’ has spawned no shortage of internet discussion in the past couple days, mostly in regards to a major character death that nobody expected. If you haven’t yet seen the episode, I can guarantee you that this post will be loaded with spoilers, so

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Are Zombies Dying Out?

Halloween is fast approaching, and I’ve spent months planning my costume. I’m going for something classic, with a slight modern twist. Yep, I’m going as zombie Donald Trump. Hm. I can sense you rolling your eyes already. That’s not exactly the reception I was hoping for. But unfortunately, it’s an increasingly common response to the

Halloween 2015 : The Dead Omnibus Wants To Show You How GRAPHIC A Novel Can Get!

For many of us the journey toward a love and appreciation of horror will have started with the same things across our childhoods. Spooky toys, certain movies we were either allowed to watch or secretly viewed when our parents weren’t around. Cartoon shows, reading books, and that oh so magical Halloween season. They all combine