Supernatural Beings Common in Horror Tales

If you plan on spending any amount of time watching horror movies during this quarantine, you may be interested in learning more about the supernatural creatures that often play a part in these films. Now, I can’t promise to explain every single one of them to you in this blog post, but you should be


A Few Quotes from Our Vampire Friends

Lately, I’ve been watching Castlevania on and off with my boyfriend. Let’s be honest. I’ve been watching a lot of television lately to fill up all of the excess time on my hands due to the Coronavirus. I really can’t go to any of my usual haunts, so Netflix has become an important part of


Vampires Suck

It’s true. Vampires suck. Vampire stories bore me to tears usually. They offer very little in the way of what I would consider real fright. They have their place in horror history, of course, but for me the best stories with vampires in them are only good because of everything else going on around them.

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Confessions of a Puppeteer

Ever wonder how creatives do what they do? Or even how some of us come up with this stuff? I am a puppeteer, but like to think of myself more as an illusionist. I like to create the illusion that the personas I create are very much their own little souls. One of the many


The Strain Has a Serious ‘Master’ Problem Right Now

One of the best television episodes this year was the Season 2 premiere of FX’s vampire series The Strain, which featured a pre-credits scene directed by Guillermo del Toro, co-writer of the novel trilogy the show is based on. The flashback sequence showed us the origin story of the so-called Master, who we learned was


The Strain Season 1 Finale: Recap and Thoughts

It feels like just yesterday that a plane full of undead passengers landed in New York, and long-tongued vampires began ravaging the city. And yet, it was nearly three months ago that The Strain premiered on FX, the show wrapping up its inaugural season with last night’s 13th episode. Throughout the course of the season,


The Strain Season 1, Episode 12: Recap and Thoughts

One of the strongest aspects of The Strain‘s inaugural season has been the decades-spanning story of good vs. evil, reflected in the relationship between Abraham Setrakian and The Master’s right hand man, Thomas Eichorst. If Eichorst is Dracula then Setrakian is Van Helsing, and it’s of course no coincidence that the latter shares a first


The Strain Season 1, Episode 11: Recap and Thoughts

If Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has an attraction themed after The Strain next year, I’m willing to bet it’ll be largely based on this past Sunday night’s eleventh episode, which finally took the main characters down into the subway tunnels and put Eph face-to-face with The Master. Horror was primarily the name of the


The Strain Season 1, Episode 9: Recap and Thoughts

A great episode of a TV show is one that’s good not just as a standalone hour but one that also changes that show for the better, going forward. I can’t think of a more fitting way to describe The Strain’s eighth episode, which finally swapped out ‘shit is about to go down’ for ‘shit


The Strain Season 1, Episode 8: Recap and Thoughts

Prior to this past Sunday night’s episode of The Strain, show-runner Carlton Cuse took to Twitter to let his followers know that it’s his personal favorite hour of the show to date, in a follow-up tweet writing that “A lot of stuff we’ve set up starts to pay off.” As promised, ‘Creatures of the Night’