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Burial Ground

Burial Ground (1981) could not get more Italian if it tried. I recently revisited the film by watching Severin’s remastered Blu-ray of the classic, and it is exactly how I remember, though it looks far better than it did on the VHS tape I originally watched it on decades ago. If you have not seen


5 Facts from Walking Dead Episode “What Comes After”

1. Rick is still alive. Despite this episode being highly rated among critics and fans alike, many fans in the community are still pretty upset. A lot of people feel duped, with the whole red herring that Rick was going to finally meet his ultimate demise, though we find out that isn’t the case after

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Is Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead the Best of Either Show?

I’ve watched and greatly enjoyed both shows from the very first air dates of their pilots, straight threw to The Walking Dead‘s season 8 finale and into Fear the Walking Dead‘s 4th season. While I don’t even necessarily share in the criticism that many fans have expressed with the last couple seasons of the main

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Tales from the Blake — Issue #2

Hello fellow Halloween Love readers and welcome to another edition of my guest column I like to call Tales From The Blake where I discuss happenings and such that are currently going on in the horror genre and possibly share a small story from childhood. In this issue, I’ll be talking about another popular theory


The Walking Dead — The Night the Good Guys Became the Baddest Guys

As we head deeper and deeper into the world of The Walking Dead, the lines between “good” and “evil” are blurring so much that they’re becoming hard to see. It’s something that has been happening over the course of the last several seasons, as countless episodes have documented individual struggles characters have had with embracing


Stab Wars: What If… Horror Movies Had Lightsabers!

Like most kids born in the 1970s I spent a good portion of my childhood obsessing over Star Wars, and when I look back at those days I can see how it very clearly guided me toward an appreciation and love for ALL movie types and collectable merchandise. It was the beginning of a passion,


Killing with Kindness: The Walking Dead’s Most Dangerous Villain is Compassion

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Here’s Not Here,’ was an incredibly polarizing one, the extended 90-minute affair focused entirely on the so-called origin story of benevolent badass Morgan Jones. As we learned, Morgan was at one time a cold-blooded killer like Rick Grimes, but after spending some time with a kind man


The Walking Dead is Better Than Ever After Recent Character Death

This past Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Thank You,’ has spawned no shortage of internet discussion in the past couple days, mostly in regards to a major character death that nobody expected. If you haven’t yet seen the episode, I can guarantee you that this post will be loaded with spoilers, so


Fear The Walking Dead — Thoughts on the Series Premiere

Ever since its premiere back in 2010, the main complaint about The Walking Dead has been that there’s too much of a focus on the characters and their human drama, and not enough on the zombies. How does the network respond to this criticism? In an admirably ballsy move, by launching a spinoff series that