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I Hate Horror (But I Love Cannibals)

Every once in a while I run into that person. I’m sure you have, too. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who says they don’t like horror … but then at some point they tell you about this great film they saw called The Silence of the Lambs or Seven. Little do

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HL Christmas Countdown: Remembering Stan Winston’s Prehistoric Perfection

December 7th. 2015 was the year that the Jurassic Park franchise roared back to life in a BIG way. Yes, we had already been provided with two sequels since Spielberg unleashed his near perfect original movie in 1993, but neither of them had that special ‘something’… they lacked magic. Jurassic World finally delivered on the


Yard Sale Finds: Movie Maniacs Mother Lode

This past weekend marked the official start of summer, which means that yard sale season is now in full swing. The first weekend of summer is always a good time to head out there and check out your local yard sales, and though that was my plan, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling pretty


Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

There are a small handful of movie moments indelibly etched into my brain, and none are more magical than the first time we saw a glimpse of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. It was a scene that solidified my love for cinema, confirming that anything was possible inside the walls of a movie theater. Jurassic

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From the Archives: Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toys and Action Figures Advert 1993

Toy adverts, movie promos, magazine articles, random clippings – I’ve collected them all over the last 35+ years and now it’s time to pull them out of the darkness and get them digitally immortalized online, so future generations can study them, ponder them and hopefully shout “COOL” every now and then. Jurassic World is almost


Dino Fright: Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Jurassic World Trailer

When Jurassic Park was released in the summer of 1993 I was seventeen years old and going through what I like to call my “All movies SUCK” teenage phase. My youthful obsession with cinema had faded and even my love for horror had temporarily been put to one side as I embraced the role of


The Most Awesome Images Found on Social Media: 4/28-5/2

We’ve reached the end of another week – thank god! – which means it’s time to once again take a look at the coolest, weirdest and/or most awesome images that I’ve stumbled across on social media this past week. So let’s get right to it, shall we?! Last weekend, the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo