The Coolest Horror Toys Shown Off at Toy Fair 2015

The beauty of the internet is that you never really have to leave the house, in order to enjoy outside-the-house things. Take New York’s annual Toy Fair, for example. Sitting in my underwear, staring at my computer screen, I was able to take in all the sights of this past weekend’s event, while avoiding the

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Awesome Image of the Day: Game Over, Man… Game Over!

It’s time for another bite-sized batch of stunning horror and monster toy photographs. This week I’ll be sharing my favorite images taken by highly skilled Flickr member Crowe H aka Tharkon, who has assembled a large portfolio of visual awesomeness … We start the week with a return to LV-426 and a look at the

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True Horror: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

We spend a lot of time here on Halloween Love talking about horror movies, but you know as well as I do that horror movies aren’t nearly as horrifying as real life. Today, we kick off a new feature shining the spotlight on True Horror, and we begin our journey with one of the most


Harsh Language Not Required: A Little Chat with Aliens Legend Ricco Ross

What do movies such as Alien, Aliens, Predator and The Thing all have in common? Well, apart from being awesome, they all manage to bring together large groups of characters and effortlessly make viewers care about each and every one of them, despite varying amounts of screen time. It seems to be a skill that


Aliens the Lego Edition: My Q&A with its Architect ‘Missing Brick’

I’ve seen a LOT of custom Lego work over the years, online and at shows, but these Aliens movie scenes that were planned, built and photographed by Flickr resident ‘Missing Brick‘ are some of the best I have ever encountered, if not THE best! I worship Aliens and have a fondness for Lego that stretches


The Library Ghost and Beyond: My Top Ten Favourite Jump Scares!

I’ve noticed in recent years that I seem to have become less susceptible to a good jump scare which is either due to the poor quality of the scares or simply because I’m getting older. They still catch me off guard from time to time but when you watch as much horror as I do


So Bad They Were Good?: The Insanity That Was Kenner Aliens

Ok, I have a confession to make – I own a LOT of the Kenner Aliens action figures and am slightly obsessed with them. You know, those crazy lumps of plastic that warped Giger’s beautiful creation into bizarre and tacky toys that basically wanted us to believe that a facehugger would attach itself to ANYTHING!


Horror Sculpting to Die For: My Q&A with Talented Deviant Anna

Over the last few weeks I’ve interviewed and shared work created by professional artists, amateur artists, pumpkin carvers, photographers, street artists, the list goes on and on … But there is one form of art I haven’t had a chance to really focus on and it’s arguably the skill I find most impressive of all


Prized Possessions: Horror Collectors Reveal All

When you have a passion for movies, TV shows, books, comics and characters like we all probably do then more often than not that passion also extends into the realm of toys and collectables. They seem to go hand in hand with most people I’ve met over the years and there really is some wonderful