Music, songs, soundtracks, sound effects, and the like related to Halloween, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or the bizarre.



Manhunter is far and above, my most favorite film of all time, favorite soundtrack, introduced me to my favorite band Shriekback, and one of my favorite directors Michael Mann. Clearly, I was heavily, heavily influenced and impacted by this film as much as one can be by any artistic medium. Most people don’t realize that


A Dusk Till Dawn Halloween

Just got done listening to this Halloween mix. Very eclectic in a good way. As the name would suggest, there is indeed a very strong From Dusk Till Dawn tone to it. Styles and influences consist of Quentin Tarantino, Spanish, jazz, rockabilly, oldies, and retro Halloween songs to name a few. All and all, a


Val Rosing

I love Henry Hall. One of my all time favorites. But, what I truly love is Val Rosing‘s (birth name) voice. His stage name had become Gilbert Russell (and later legally), though I find that pretty silly as Val Rosing is a beautiful name, which is also, I’d think, very marketable. In the ’20s, ’30s,

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Getting October Started Right with Rob Zombie

Fall, my favorite season. October, my favorite month. October 31st, my favorite day. Halloween, my favorite holiday. October 1st — I went and saw Rob Zombie (one of my favorite bands) play and there couldn’t have been a better way to get it all started. Marilyn Manson opened, which was a perfect fit and Rob

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Tiny Tim

Beautiful and haunting.

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The Saddest Music in the World

And furthermore, the most beautiful songs in the entire world. I’ve seen similar articles, lists, and so on, and have always been disappointed. Perhaps sadness is extremely subjective? Perhaps some don’t know what true sadness is? I think true sadness has no face, no description, and no one to describe the phenomenon to us. Similar


Halloween Music to Drive Deep in the Woods To

I’ve got a chance to listen to the new album Strange Tales for Late at Night by Casey Redmond. Smooth rockabilly with throwback to great songs like Purple People Eater.   If you’d like to pick up the album or learn more about Casey Redmond head over to:

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Zombies: Coolest Fucking Thing Ever

I think this is hands-down, the coolest fucking thing to ever happen to horror fans, period. If you’re a big horror fan, but aren’t into video games, you should really give it a try. Video games are hardly the children’s toys they were of the past and have become quite sophisticated, adult-driven, immersible experiences. If


Halloween and Horror Music Collection

I’ve collected many lovely, creepy, bizarre, melancholy-filled, and obscure songs over the years. In the list below, I’ll continue adding the best of my collection and ask that the community also make suggestions for the list. Notes for this list: I’ve done my best to make sure that I’m linking to the most accurate, original,