Music, songs, soundtracks, sound effects, and the like related to Halloween, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or the bizarre.

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Zombies: Coolest Fucking Thing Ever

I think this is hands-down, the coolest fucking thing to ever happen to horror fans, period. If you’re a big horror fan, but aren’t into video games, you should really give it a try. Video games are hardly the children’s toys they were of the past and have become quite sophisticated, adult-driven, immersible experiences. If


Halloween and Horror Music Collection

I’ve collected many lovely, creepy, bizarre, melancholy-filled, and obscure songs over the years. In the list below, I’ll continue adding the best of my collection and ask that the community also make suggestions for the list. Notes for this list: I’ve done my best to make sure that I’m linking to the most accurate, original,


Rob Zombie: From Music to Film

Rob Zombie may seem to be an enigma, but really, more than anything, he is simply a man doing what he wants. His career is his passion. He loves music, film, the 70s, horror, Halloween, and women. This is clear to see through his lyrics and film eras and style. Although he did grow up