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I’ve collected many lovely, creepy, bizarre, melancholy-filled, and obscure songs over the years. In the list below, I’ll continue adding the best of my collection and ask that the community also make suggestions for the list.

Notes for this list:

  • I’ve done my best to make sure that I’m linking to the most accurate, original, and official versions of the intended songs on Amazon, because in some cases, it’s difficult to find the right one and you may accidentally buy a cheap knock-off instead. If next to the “Buy Now” link, you see a ?, this means that I wasn’t able to find the right version in digital form and you will have to either buy an old CD or vinyl copy of the soundtrack (that can get expensive) or track down the song through some other means, like YouTube.
  • I’ve excluded the word “The” from the beginning of titles for easier alphanumeric browsing and sorting.
  • When clicking on a “Buy Now” link you’ll be able to preview the song first.
  • The list is sortable, just click the column header.
  • For legal reasons, I of course cannot share the actual music files or link to where they might be downloaded from. Some songs are of my own creation, public domain, or I otherwise have permission to share for listening purposes here, but I ask that you please build your collection from Amazon, which will also go to help us out by using our affiliate links.
  • In the comments below, please let me know your suggestions or if you find any mistakes. I’d love to hear what some of your all-time favorite Halloween or horror songs are too. I may not include all suggestions in the official list, but I’ll make an effort to check out all the suggestions and see if they’re a good fit.

Thank you and enjoy.

The List

This Big HushShriekback1986Manhunter (film)Buy Now
Halloween ThemeJohn Carpenter1978Halloween (film)Buy Now
Feed My FrankensteinAlice Cooper1991Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Man Behind the MaskAlice Cooper1986Jason Lives (film)Buy Now
Teenage FrankensteinAlice Cooper1986Jason Lives (film)Buy Now
Amityville Horror ThemeLalo Schifrin1979Amityville Horror (film)Buy Now
Mr. SandmanChordettes1957Halloween (film)Buy Now
Beetlejuice ThemeDanny Elfman1988Beetlejuice (film)Buy Now
Jeepers CreepersPaul Whiteman1932Jeepers Creepers (film)Buy Now
Don't Fear the ReaperBlue Öyster Cult1976Halloween (film)Buy Now
Sing Sing SingBenny Goodman1938Waxwork (film)Buy Now
Blue VelvetBobby Vinton1963Blue Velvet (film)Buy Now
Helen's ThemePhilip Glass1992Candyman (film)Buy Now
Music BoxPhilip Glass1992Candyman (film)Buy Now
Children of the Corn ThemeJonathan Elias1984Children of the Corn (film)Buy Now ?
Child's Play ThemeJoe Renzetti1988Child's Play (film)Buy Now
Casper the Friendly Ghost ThemeWinston Sharples1955Casper the Friendly Ghost (tv)Buy Now ?
Christine AttacksJohn Carpenter1983Christine (film)Buy Now ?
A Clockwork Orange ThemeWendy Carlos1971A Clockwork Orange (film)Buy Now ?
Shining ThemeWendy Carlos1980Shining (film)Buy Now ?
Song to the SirenMortal Coil1984Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 (film)Buy Now
Tears to ShedDanny Elfman2005Corpse Bride (film)Buy Now
Creepshow ThemeJohn Harrison1982Creepshow (film)Buy Now
Grim Grinning GhostsBuddy Baker196?Haunted Mansion (ride)Buy Now
Season of the WitchDonovan1966Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Edward Scissorhands ThemeDanny Elfman1990Edward Scissorhands (film)Buy Now
Escape from New York ThemeJohn Carpenter1981Escape from New York (film)Buy Now
Exorcist ThemeMike Oldfield1971Exorcist (film)Buy Now
Flowers in the Attic ThemeChristopher Young1987Flowers in the Attic (film)Buy Now ?
His EyesPseudo Echo1983Friday the 13th: Part V (film)Buy Now ?
LotionGreenskeepers2004Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Chick HabitApril March1995Death Proof (film)Buy Now
Jeepers CreepersHayley Mills1961Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Hellraiser ThemeChristopher Young1987Hellraiser (film)Buy Now
Teddy Bear's PicnicHenry Hall1932Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad WolfHenry Hall1933Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Here Comes the Boogie ManHenry Hall1932Jeepers Creepers (film)Buy Now
Come Little ChildrenJames Horner1993Hocus Pocus (film)Buy Now
In-A-Gadda-Da-VidaIron Butterfly1968Manhunter (film)Buy Now
BenJackson 51972Ben (film)Buy Now
Jaws ThemeJohn Williams1975Jaws (film)Buy Now
Come Wander with MeJeff Alexander1964Twilight Zone (tv)Buy Now
Killer KlownsDickies1988Killer Klowns from Outer Space (film)Buy Now
Manhunt ThemeCraig Conner2003Manhunt (video game)Buy Now ?
Darkest Side of the NightMetropolis198?Friday the 13th: Part VIII (film)Buy Now ?
Rosemary's Baby ThemeKrzysztof Komeda1968Rosemary's Baby (film)Buy Now
ThrillerMichael Jackson1982Thriller (music video)Buy Now
Monster MashBobby Pickett1962Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Munsters ThemeJack Marshall1964Munsters (tv)Buy Now ?
Red Right HandNick Cave1994Scream (film)Buy Now
Nightmare on Elm Street ThemeCharles Bernstein1984Nightmare on Elm Street (film)Buy Now
Omen ThemeJerry Goldsmith1976Omen (film)Buy Now
Phantasm ThemeFred Myrow1979Phantasm (film)Buy Now
Poltergeist ThemeJerry Goldsmith1982Poltergeist (film)Buy Now
Psycho ThemeBernard Herrmann1960Psycho (film)Buy Now
Purple People EaterSheb Wooley1958Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Goodbye HorsesQ Lazzarus1988Silence of the Lambs (film)Buy Now
Backyard BabiesRamones19??Pet Sematary 2 (film)Buy Now
Partytime45 Grave1983Return of the Living Dead (film)Buy Now
House of 1000 CorpsesRob Zombie2001House of 1000 Corpses (film)Buy Now
Living Dead GirlRob Zombie1998Bride of Chucky (film)Buy Now
Devil's RejectsRob Zombie2006Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Room of AngelAkira Yamaoka2007Silent Hill 4 (video game)Buy Now ?
Peek-a-BooEcho 3198?Jeepers Creepers (film)Buy Now
Sleepy Hollow ThemeDanny Elfman1999Sleepy Hollow (film)Buy Now
Tales from the Crypt ThemeDanny Elfman1989Tales from the Crypt (tv)Buy Now
Tales from the Darkside ThemeJohn Harrison1983Tales from the Darkside (tv)Buy Now ?
Swan LakeTchaikovsky1875Waxwork (film)Buy Now
Lonely Man ThemeJoseph Harnell1978Incredible Hulk (tv)Buy Now
Twilight Zone ThemeBernard Herrmann1959Twilight Zone (tv)Buy Now
Werewolves of LondonWarren Zevon1978Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
I'm Your Boogie ManWhite Zombie1996The Crow: City of Angels (film)Buy Now
Shoobie Doobie MoonJohn Harrison198?Not Sure or N/ABuy Now
Friday the 13th ThemeHarry Manfredini1980Friday the 13th (film)Buy Now ?
Sally's SongDanny Elfman1993Nightmare Before Christmas (film)Buy Now

This public list will only ever just scratch the surface of my entire private collection. Just to list them takes a lot of time to fact-check. With that said, there’s so much more to come…

UPDATE — Make sure to listen to our Radio, powered by Dead Air, where you can hear many more songs, some of which I personally curated.

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