Halloween / Horror Music

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The songs listed below are of my own works, public domain, or shared here only after asking permission or paying for usage rights to the best of my knowledge.

They're intended only for your listening pleasure throughout the site and are not intended for downloading.

If you believe I've made a mistake, please email me and I'll remove the infringing song immediately. Thank You and Enjoy Everyone

Simply click on a song and your browser should automatically begin playing it.

Filename Type Size (MB)
Chamber of Horrors.mp3chamber of horrors.mp341.416733398438
Flowers in the Attic.mp3flowers in the attic.mp38.566529296875
Friday the 13th - Theme (Original NES).mp3friday the 13th - theme (original nes).mp31.406427734375
Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me.mp3jeff alexander - come wander with me.mp34.16571484375
Sin Control.mp3sin control.mp31.507875
Where Monsters Fear To Tread By Casey Redmond.mp3where monsters fear to tread by casey redmond.mp32.7433671875