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The Saddest Music in the World

Sorrow of the Children

And furthermore, the most beautiful songs in the entire world.

I’ve seen similar articles, lists, and so on, and have always been disappointed. Perhaps sadness is extremely subjective? Perhaps some don’t know what true sadness is?

I think true sadness has no face, no description, and no one to describe the phenomenon to us. Similar to death, since no one has come back to tell us what it’s like, we couldn’t imagine true sorrow, true sadness. We can understand suffering on a physical level, those that have survived torture, the holocaust, or rescued POWs for example.

But, true and complete sorrow and sadness could only come from a place that’s hidden to us. The reason is simply the saddest human experience would likely be complete isolation and loneliness until death. So, the true sound would be nothingness, or perhaps the sounds of yourself going mad?

The very fact that I’m writing this article and you’re reading it, means we’re sitting in a building with internet and freely able to interact with others and express ourselves. In other words, we couldn’t possibly understand the true horrors and pain in this world to the fullest. We’re already too far beyond privileged.

However, it is also true that you only experience your own life, so your perspective is absent of other extremes. The saddest thing you’ve experienced is indeed the saddest thing in your world or reality, to you, very specifically.

To me, the saddest music in the world are songs that encapsulate a deep feeling of being alone and feeling empathy for the unknown horror and sorrow that awaits. Onto the music…

I think my first selection will easily put to shame any current attempt online to share the saddest song in the world. First, just listen and don’t read any further until you’ve finished:

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