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Getting October Started Right with Rob Zombie

Fall, my favorite season.
October, my favorite month.
October 31st, my favorite day.
Halloween, my favorite holiday.

October 1st — I went and saw Rob Zombie (one of my favorite bands) play and there couldn’t have been a better way to get it all started. Marilyn Manson opened, which was a perfect fit and Rob Zombie headlined. The Twins of Evil tour:

I got just the right amount of drunk, the sight of the people and smell in the air was perfect. The moon could be seen above the stage, both bands played amazing, and Zombie’s visual performance was amazing, as usual I’m sure (first time I’d ever scene him in concert live).

The highlight of the evening for me was of course the Lords of Salem teaser trailer (which I don’t believe has even been officially released yet?) that was released at the show:


Apparently, the film was already released around different film festivals and is getting awful critic reviews. However, in my experience, critic reviews, and really, peer reviews, mean nothing. You’ve got to see it yourself and find out what you take away from it. I’m still very much excited.

…the only regret of the show for me was that I wasn’t fucking close enough! I wasn’t able to see everything at all times or be in and feel the energy of the crowd down in the pit. Next time.

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