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Halloween Costume Contest — Win $100!


Lawn Ornaments” was the costume that won this year. Congrats!

This is Halloween Love’s inaugural Halloween costume contest. It wasn’t as big of a turnout as I had hoped, but fun nevertheless. It was a bit bumpy and there were some learning curves that I’ll keep in mind for next year. I’ll keep the “Like” feature so the community can voice their opinion for fun, but this serves to be too problematic overall to count as actual votes.

It was a fair fight between the 3 entrants, but naturally this contest will grow each year so I’ll have to go the more traditional route and judge them myself. Maybe I can even get some guest judges to help out, we’ll see. But, next year, perhaps more categories and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes even. We’ll see how it evolves.

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$100 via PayPal (if you do not have PayPal, you can receive an iTunes gift card instead)

Voting and Winner

The voting will be done by the community and only one winner chosen. Each costume will utilize its own Facebook “Like” button for voting. Each Like counts as a vote. So the costume with the most Likes wins.

  • The cut-off for voting and submission is Midnight of October 31st (Halloween). Winner announced and contacted November 1st.Extended to November 15th to give ample time for submissions and voting.
  • One vote per person. You can certainly share with family and friends and on social profiles, etc., but obviously no cheating or unethical behavior. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone.

How to Enter

You must retweet the contest through the “Retweet Contest” button above and then email in a pic of you in your costume:

Email me at: black@halloweenlove.com

Details Needed:

  • What are you (what is your costume suppose to be)?
  • PayPal email address you would like to receive payment at if you win. Or preferred email address if you want an iTunes gift card instead.
  • Pictures. Please attach at least one (you may attach more and I’ll pick the best if you like) high quality picture. Well-lit, sharp, in focus, and no red-eye please. Highest resolution that can be set on your camera and preferably portrait angled (usually means holding your camera sideways). It must be you and it must be current, 2012 (couple or group costumes are acceptable if they’re relevant to one another — otherwise they should be entered separately).

Criteria and Limitations

There is no set criteria or limitations for costumes. You may submit any type of costume you like (so long as it’s reasonably considered a costume). Again, voting will be community-based. I would imagine that popular votes would go to creative, original, scary, or sexy costumes. Especially when done cleverly or high in detail.

The Costumes

Listed in order of submission. Please view all costumes before voting.



Permalink: Entry #1



Flo (from Progressive)

Permalink: Entry #2


Lawn Ornaments

Lawn Ornaments

Permalink: Entry #3

The voting and share buttons below are for the contest itself, NOT for voting on a costume. You need to use the Like buttons found on the costume itself to vote for it. Thank You

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