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Movie Review: The Houses October Built (2014)

Found footage movies have acquired a pretty lousy reputation over the years. In many ways, the sub-genre has come to represent the absolute pinnacle of creative bankruptcy within the horror genre, as each new one feels like an exact replica of the last. The problem with this rampant horror fan hatred of all things found

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Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 24: Ranking the Houses!

If there’s one thing on this planet that every horror fan must experience before making the transition from functioning member of society to worm food, it’s Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights extravaganza. This is something that several horror fans have told me throughout the years, and it’s something that I’m happy to say that

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5 Reasons You Should Visit a Halloween Attraction

A bloodcurdling scream cuts through the dark shadows. Menacing creatures loom through the thick, murky fog. Petrifying surprises await around every corner… This is what people voluntarily sign up for. There’s quite a lure when it comes to haunted houses and spooky attractions – especially this time of year. Despite the terror that comes along

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Step into a Horror Film with Pennsylvania’s Gore Camp

Last week here on Halloween Love, we talked about haunted attractions and how scary we really want them to be, in the wake of a short film called Fear, Inc. making its way onto the internet. While most agreed with me that your typical run of the mill haunted attractions are fun enough as is,

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Through the Eyes of a Haunted House Actor

A step through the doors takes you between the barrier of the bright sunshine and the chilly, cool warehouse. Dust floats about you like little ghosts whispering your name. You proceed into the darkness, pushing aside a black drape and seeing the line of people waiting to be cast. You get through casting easily enough.

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Halloween Horror Nights

Combining two of my most favorite things on earth, Halloween and Universal Studios, comes: Halloween Horror Nights. Just about the only reason I’d want to live in California. Otherwise it’s too hot and the people… I’ve been wanting to go for years. It’s no surprise that a movie studio and theme park are going to

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Universal Studios

An absolute playground for someone like me. Right as you enter the park, you’re greeted with a year-round haunted house attraction: House of Horrors. Which is definitely revamped and up-scaled for Halloween. But, it was pretty fun on a non-Halloween season day as well. Not very scary, but a great sight to be seen nonetheless.

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Dracula’s Castle and Terroride of Lagoon Park

These two rides are some of my fondest childhood memories. There’s something incredible about old Halloween rides — the smell, the atmosphere. Something about how cheesy they are actually makes them all the more creepy. At a place called Lagoon Park that I visited as a child, I liked the other rides of course, but