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5 Reasons You Should Visit a Halloween Attraction

A bloodcurdling scream cuts through the dark shadows. Menacing creatures loom through the thick, murky fog. Petrifying surprises await around every corner…

This is what people voluntarily sign up for.

There’s quite a lure when it comes to haunted houses and spooky attractions – especially this time of year. Despite the terror that comes along with entering a Halloween attraction, many of us love the bone-chilling thrills and exciting adrenaline rush. The National Retail Federation estimates that 33 million people will visit a haunted house attraction this year, and according to the Haunted Attraction Association these daredevils have more than 2,500 haunted attractions to choose from worldwide. The business of scaring is a growing industry!

To get into the spirit of Halloween, I gathered my courage and went to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida. I get spooked quite easily, and usually try to avoid these scary holiday attractions, but Halloween Horror Nights is such an iconic event that I couldn’t miss out! Although I was in a constant state of fear while going through the houses and scare zones, I’m so glad that I went and surprisingly had a blast! Here are 5 reasons you should check out a haunted house (even if you’re a scaredy cat like me).

1.) Bonding together: It may sound odd, but braving a haunted house can be a great bonding experience. There’s no other encounter quite like running from chainsaw killers and flesh-eating zombies with your best friends!

2.) Face your fears: You have the opportunity to come face-to-face with your biggest phobias. Whether you’re afraid of serial killers or creepy clowns, a haunted house probably has it covered. After Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights I actually gained a few fears… but that’s beside the point!

3.) Create memories: Haunted houses and spooky attractions create memories you won’t soon forget. My friends and I still talk about who screamed the loudest at a haunted hayride we went to years ago. Spoiler alert: it was me.

4.) Your own horror film: What other chance do you have to fend off Halloween’s Michael Myers in real life? (hopefully none). Being in a haunted house attraction is like being the star of your own horror movie. At Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, many of the houses and scare zones were based on frightening films such as John Carpenter’s original Halloween, science-fiction thriller Alien Vs. Predator, futuristic horror The Purge, and soon-to-be released Dracula Untold. Television shows like Dusk Till Dawn and AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit The Walking Dead also inspired houses at Halloween Horror Nights. The sets were incredibly elaborate with bone-chilling special effects and bloodcurdling scares.

5.) Halloween spirit: Visiting a haunted attraction helps gets you into the spirit of Halloween. Besides, it totally beats a mundane costume party!

Whether you dare to visit Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida, or you decide to stop by a local haunted house in your town, round up your bravest friends and head out for some horrifying haunts this Halloween!

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