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Halloween is on the Way: The Freaky Eyeball Cupcakes Review

Halloween Cupcakes

Today I’m going to be taking a look at some Freaky Eyeball Cupcakes, that I purchased from UK supermarket chain Morrisons.

I’ll start by saying that visually, these are incredible. The green swirly frosting has been carefully applied and with the white chocolate eye pushed into the middle the end result is just awesome. A plate of these at a Halloween party would get seriously noticed, and kids would go nuts for them. It’s like the Eye Of Sauron with some kind of infection … and sprinkles!

Halloween Cupcakes

Unfortunately these cakes suffer the same problem that I mentioned when I wrote about the ‘Slime Slices’ recently, the dreaded lime flavor! I just don’t think lime works for cake frosting, it’s too clean and fresh, like eating toothpaste.

Just because something IS green, it doesn’t automatically mean it has to TASTE green … know what I mean? (Sorry).

I would be perfectly happy with vanilla, or how about apple? Or even mint? They seem to be more autumnal choices as well. The sponge underneath was light, moist and delicious so it would be unfair to moan too much, I just personally HATE lime. I Hate it!!

Halloween Cupcakes

Final verdict … These were well made, good quality cupcakes. They look creepy as hell and really embrace the Halloween season in an EYE catching way! (Sorry again).

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