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Halloween is on the Way: The Dracula’s Blood Cupcakes Review

Regular readers will be aware that my quest to seek out the best in limited edition Halloween season cakes has been slightly disappointing thus far. Not because they have been poor quality, far from it, but simply because most of the damn things seem to be topped with lime flavor frosting (It’s a spooky green

[Bite-sized Horror]

Halloween is on the Way: The Freaky Eyeball Cupcakes Review

Today I’m going to be taking a look at some Freaky Eyeball Cupcakes, that I purchased from UK supermarket chain Morrisons. I’ll start by saying that visually, these are incredible. The green swirly frosting has been carefully applied and with the white chocolate eye pushed into the middle the end result is just awesome. A

[Bite-sized Horror]

Halloween is on the Way: The Chocolate & Slime Slices Review

I’m a cake fiend … I love them, I adore them, I worship the sponge within them! Chocolate is awesome, candy is cool, but cakes are my number one go-to treat when I want something sweet. Mr. Kipling is a national treasure over here in the UK, they have been making cakes for high street