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Halloween is on the Way: The Dracula’s Blood Cupcakes Review

Blood Cupcakes

Regular readers will be aware that my quest to seek out the best in limited edition Halloween season cakes has been slightly disappointing thus far. Not because they have been poor quality, far from it, but simply because most of the damn things seem to be topped with lime flavor frosting (It’s a spooky green cake so apparently it MUST taste of something green!), which I hate!

Today my cake of choice is totally lime free … and I’m pleased to report it was FUCKING delicious.

Blood Cupcakes

The perfectly soft sponge cakes had a core filled with strawberry jam and were then topped with more jam, vanilla frosting and finally some sprinkles. The jam was dark and gooey giving it the cool blood vibe the makers were going for and the whole thing just tasted magnificent from start to finish. They look cool, taste heavenly and were in no way sickly or too sweet. Dracula would approve!

Aghhh, it’s no good … Writing this has totally made me crave more, back soon! …

Blood Cupcakes

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