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Halloween is on the Way: The Chocolate & Slime Slices Review

Choc Slime Slices

I’m a cake fiend … I love them, I adore them, I worship the sponge within them! Chocolate is awesome, candy is cool, but cakes are my number one go-to treat when I want something sweet.

Mr. Kipling is a national treasure over here in the UK, they have been making cakes for high street stores since 1967 and in recent years they nearly always release 2-3 limited edition creations to celebrate Halloween. Some become popular and are used over multiple years, while others appear just once and are then gone for good. Today I’m going to look at and try a ‘Chocolate & sLIME Slice’ … Which is basically green lime flavored sponge with a chocolate layer on top.

Compared to some of the incredible treats that come out of America each year these look fairly dull in comparison, but taste is everything, and in this case it was … (Drum roll) … Not good.

Choc Slime Slices

I personally struggled eating two slices. The lime sponge is bland but leaves a strange taste in your mouth like you have just licked a small puddle of scented bleach. It’s an odd ‘clean’ artificial lime hit that you barely notice when chewing but lingers after you swallow. Mixed with the chocolate the end result was disappointing and a bit sickly.

I think kids probably won’t care and will scoff them by the bucketload, they look cool and the box art is eye catching and atmospheric but I couldn’t eat them again … Not even when slightly drunk and dressed up as Pennywise.

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