[Haunted Houses and Rides]

Dracula’s Castle and Terroride of Lagoon Park

Terroride Mural

These two rides are some of my fondest childhood memories.

There’s something incredible about old Halloween rides — the smell, the atmosphere. Something about how cheesy they are actually makes them all the more creepy.

At a place called Lagoon Park that I visited as a child, I liked the other rides of course, but I probably drove my family nuts because I always wanted to ride the horror rides over and over. I would be taken over just at the sight of them from one ride to another. I would truly love to build my own one day.

With the following videos and galleries, I’ll try and encapsulate the emotion and excitement, the nostalgia.

Dracula’s Castle


Hope you enjoyed.

Photos courtesy of Lagoon Is Fun. Official Lagoon Park website here.

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