Night Gallery

Night Gallery Cemetery Painting

The stories, sometimes full of the ghoulishness and macabre, sometimes a moral tale with a lesson to be held, and sometimes the most beautiful, thought and emotion inspiring stories.

Severely underrated, Night Gallery is the last work of influential writer Rod Serling. Like Twilight Zone before it, Night Gallery was way ahead of its time. After seeing every Twilight Zone and about 75% of all Night Gallery episodes now (that is again as an adult), it is clear to me that Rod Serling is the godfather of modern day horror and sci-fi. Not just that, also the master of beautiful stories of humanity, even cruelty, and often simple sentiment.

So many movies and TV series directly inspired by Serlings’ work. Even many cliches we see today were originated with Serling.

There were other writers, producers, and creatives as well as teleplays adapted from short stories on the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. However, Rod Serling contributed a substantial amount of original writing and without a doubt, is the show himself.

Night Gallery is incredible and full of beauty, truly.

As the episodes themselves were quite interesting, so were the many paintings we got to see that accompanied each episode:

The actual paintings were done by Jaroslav Gebr and Tom Wright.

Photos courtesy of NightGallery.net — See many more of the paintings there as well.

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